How big is a sack of hardwood logs? "So, how big is a sack of hardwood logs?"  We are often asked this, or similar questions by new customers.  Other common queries are, "How big are your logs?" or "How many logs do you get in a sack?"  If you are new to wood-burning, or have just moved to the Weymouth area, [...]

Timber decking specialists in Weymouth

Your local decking experts We have to diversify during the bird nesting season, because it is an offence to disturb nesting birds. Most of our tree work is carried out during Winter and Spring, so we undertake landscaping projects during the Summer.  As perhaps the leading timber decking specialists in Weymouth, we design and install [...]

Order your logs now

Order your logs now - the case for wood fuel The recent popularity of wood burning stoves amongst home-owners has sparked a huge increase in demand for wood fuel.  The environmental and sustainability cases are really very persuasive.  Unlike the burning of fossil fuels, burning firewood releases no more greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) than allowing [...]

Tree stump bench carving

I was recently asked by some clients to convert their large tree stump into a bench seat.  Having never tried my hand at chainsaw carving, I said I've give it my best shot!  The brief was relatively straightforward, but the work was made more demanding by the sheer size of the tree stump and the number [...]

Portland Bats

Dale is an active member of the Dorset Bat Group. The group is made up of volunteers with a shared passion - we all love bats! Our role is one of helping to record and protect the bats of Dorset.  We do this by carrying out surveys, roost visits, and engaging with the public - in fact anything that [...]

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Splitting and stacking firewood

Dale and Dan spend the morning processing beech and cypress firewood for seasoning. We will be splitting and stacking firewood throughout the year in an attempt to satisfy demand when the nights draw in this coming Autumn. These logs will be ready for burning next Autumn/Winter, although if you have space to season your own [...]

Splicing workshop

Dale recently attended a weekend rope splicing workshop with the team at Treekit in Bournemouth. Over the two days he learned a variety of rope splicing techniques with different types of cordage, but particularly with 16 strand and 24-strand double-braid arborist rope. It's fair to say that whilst the facilities were excellent, and the trainers [...]

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Sculpture Park

Great day today at Tout Quarry Sculpture Park Nature Reserve, managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust. We've been commissioned to clear some dense scrub that has overgrown some of the sculptures, and today cleared an area around "Woman" by Dhruva Mistry (1983). The work was completed whilst the artist was on a British Council Scholarship [...]

Riverside timber decking

Here's a video featuring our latest riverside timber decking project - in this case, overlooking the River Wey at Nottington, Weymouth, Dorset. The deck is almost complete - just needing the rope to be inserted into the newel posts to form a safety barrier. Our brief included the demolition of the previous deck [...]

Dorset Bat Group

Spent an enjoyable morning with some pals from Dorset Bat Group in some woodland near Corfe Castle. We found 17 bats (common and soprano pipistrelles) in total, from just 16 artificial bat boxes, with further evidence (droppings) of recent occupation in most of the boxes. This is very encouraging, as these boxes were only erected [...]

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