New tipper truck

This is Bruce, the Scottish Tree Monkey, looking resplendent in his hi-vis vest, and our latest acquisition – the new tipper truck! Those people who are also self-employed will understand my sense of excitement with this purchase, as it is an important milestone in the development of the business. It’s got a huge lockable tool cabinet – though I never leave any tools inside overnight – and will soon be acquiring a bespoke chip box built onto the tipper bed, so I can fire a good volume of wood chip into the back. The logs will be cut, split, seasoned and recycled as firewood, and the chippings have mulched the bed in my front garden.

Despite the constant rain, we had an enjoyable day pollarding a large, but diseased, Honey Locust tree (Gleditsia triacanthos) in Wyke Regis High Street. Our lovely clients kept our spirits up with an endless supply of tea and biccies, and some neighbours have expressed an interest in using our services too. Happy days…

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